Blankets, a 2 Part Series


I apologize if my post title got you super psyched for a good history lesson on blankets – because this ain’t that.  To make up for it, I have provided this very informative link on the evolution of the electric blanket.  I stopped reading when he brought up tuberculosis sanitariums. Let me know if it got any better.

Anyway, back to me.

This is the first installment in a 2 part series on blankets. Part 1 is called, The Blanket that Defines Me.

Our bed needed a throw in a major way. I am not the kind of person who naps by crawling under the covers. I nap on top of the made bed – it is less of a commitment and therefore makes me feel less lazy.  And since I cannot ever in a million billion years sleep without layers on top of me, I asked my mom to purchase me a throw blanket as a Christmas present.  Hot damn, that woman nailed it!

I am a total sucker for paisley (as evidenced by the name of my blog). Always have been. Being my mom she knows that kind of thing.  I love the colors and the fuzzy, warm, soft coziness of said blanket is INSANE.

(As we have discussed, my photography skills are sub par so I am not doing Mr. Blankey any sort of justice here. You gotta take my word for it. Also, please disregard the wrinkled pillow shams in the background. I have not seen my iron since 2003.)

If someone were to ask me in a job interview, “Tell me, if you were a blanket, what kind of blanket would you be?” I would take out my phone, show him/her a picture of this blanket and then they would know.  Yes, I carry a photo of my blanket on my phone at all times. Why? Is that weird? Whatever, I bet I’d be hired for sure, don’t ya think?

So there you have it. In case you were lying awake at night wondering how I would define my style – this blanket is it.  You can go back to sleep now.

Stay tuned for Part 2, The Blanket that Nearly Ended My Marriage.


About Three Times Charmed

I love to write as evidenced by the fact that I am starting my 3rd blog. Trust me it is not because I have such a wealth of knowledge that I need 3 blogs to impart all of my wisdom on you poor people. It has much much more to do with my lack of follow through. In my defense I do have 3 kids (i.e. I'm Three Times Charmed) a husband who travels a lot for work, a house that needs constant attention and until a few weeks ago a job and 2 dogs. Sadly one of the dogs is no longer with us. Not so sadly neither is my job. Now I'm going to roll with the old saying, "third time is a charm" and start writing again. See what I did there? A "third time" double entendre with my kids and my new blog??? Follow my blog for more fun times like that! Oh boy, this might be a bumpy ride...

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    • I hear ya. My husband climbs on in – but I just can’t do that. I think I have commitment issues.

  1. Well, OF COURSE I loved this blog – I’m the smarty pants who knew “just what blanket would please my darling daughter”. Actually, I think Michael Jackson was ahead of my daughter as he even named his kid “Blanket”. I’m so pleased that I could be featured in my daughter’s blog as there were years when she’d sit 17 rows away from me in the movies (to which I DROVE her) so that nobody would ever connect that we knew one another. (Sigh) we moms just live for this stuff.

    • Well then you are just going to love part 2 of the Blanket series. It also involves you. You have a lot of involvement in my life from afar by the use of blankets. Weird.

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