Inexpensive window covering option


Scene: Mom in kitchen baking bread for Christmas morning.  There is Christmas music playing in the background and all is very serene.  All of a sudden a child screams and we hear a large BOOM from two floors above.  Mom dashes up the two flights of stairs to find her children peacefully sitting on the bed watching tv.  The blinds from one of the three bedroom windows lay (lie, laid, lain, hell I never know) broken on the floor and the kids just have no idea what could have happened to them. End Scene.

Yeah, my kids are liars. Haven’t gotten to the bottom of it yet but I don’t care. I thank them!  Those were the ugliest, dingiest, brokenist (um, that may not be a word) blinds in the history of mankind.  They deserved to die a painful death.

You know, sometimes it is nice when decisions are kind of made for you. Clearly I have hated those things since the day we moved in but I could never figure out how I wanted to cover the windows. So for five months I pretended they did not exist.

With Christmas a day away, there were definitely no funds to purchase expensive window treatments and there was certainly no reason for my cute handy man to reinstall the broken monstrosity that lived there before. So, I went on a quick quest for window coverings.

I think with the limited time and budget I had, these bamboo blinds turned out pretty great!  I got them from the JC Penney home store.  They were originally $75/each but were on sale for $45/each and being the genius that I am, I did a quick google search on my phone for JC Penney coupons and got $20 off any purchase over $100.

Cute handy man installed them right away and ta da!  Merry Christmas to me.

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I love to write as evidenced by the fact that I am starting my 3rd blog. Trust me it is not because I have such a wealth of knowledge that I need 3 blogs to impart all of my wisdom on you poor people. It has much much more to do with my lack of follow through. In my defense I do have 3 kids (i.e. I'm Three Times Charmed) a husband who travels a lot for work, a house that needs constant attention and until a few weeks ago a job and 2 dogs. Sadly one of the dogs is no longer with us. Not so sadly neither is my job. Now I'm going to roll with the old saying, "third time is a charm" and start writing again. See what I did there? A "third time" double entendre with my kids and my new blog??? Follow my blog for more fun times like that! Oh boy, this might be a bumpy ride...

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  1. I love it! What a great deal….how many did you get? Are there any more? 🙂 Just FYI: always check with me too for coupons, I have 2 $10 off $25 JCPenney here right now. You could split your purchase up to use them both. Well, just looked, they are expired, but I get them quite often! 🙂 I love the bamboo. I really love seeing your ideas, don’t be surprised next time you come over if you see your ideas displayed here. Imitation is flattery. 🙂

  2. Thank you! I got 3 and am actually going to go back today and get 2 more because we have two windows in the downstairs room that could use them. You are the best – I will definitely check with you for now on for coupons. I remember seeing one I can use for my purchase today as well – so I’m going to go hunt that down.

    You have basically the same house I do – so steal away any ideas you want! I would love it!

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