Renovation of my womb


Renovation of my womb

I have been working on the most important type of renovation for the past few months. That really in no way should have kept me from blogging but for some reason it did. I guess it just takes a lot of concentration and brain power to develop something this cute:

So now that I have less time than ever – being a mother of 3 – I am going to start blogging again. I never said I make a lick of sense.

During the renovation of my womb we have also done some fun home projects as well. I hear a baby rustling so I must tend to him but stay tuned for lots of fun updates.


My most recent article


So I have been MIA for a long time now.  A lot has happened in the last several months and I’m happy to say that it all will result in home improvements/changes/decorations!

Stay tuned for more information and lots of changes to my house – yay!!!  In the meantime enjoy my most recently published article.

The Hills

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Where oh where has my free time gone, oh where oh where can it be?


Not only do I need a house makeover, I also need a life makeover. Is anyone out there authorized to add hours to the day?  I will pay you big bucks (okay I don’t have big bucks but I’d really like you a lot) if you can do that for me.

I need time to actually do the things I would like to do as well as need to do – a major one being decorate my 1/2 decorated house!  But alas life gets in the way.  I have a father in law in the hospital, a mother in law with shingles, a busy job and a husband who is traveling for work all of the time. I’m kind of a single mom right now – and that is okay. This is certainly not a pity party for me. I am healthy and happy.  Sending good vibes to my sweet in laws. But those are my excuses this week for not getting anything done around the house.

Soooo I am turning the tables.  Let me know what you have been doing.

Any fun projects that you have done in your house lately?

Link up and share!  If you haven’t done this before, just click the link below and you can put in a link to your website that shows your latest projects.  I need some inspiration – so show off your goods because my goods have been on hold as of late. Plus all 2 of my readers will see how crafty you are!

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Memo board tutorial


Search ebay and you will see there are a million people out there that make darling memo boards and sell them for a lot of money. Because they are so easy to make, if you have a need for one, there is no reason you should not make one yourself.

I made one for the kids’ hallway organization project I did. I also made one for my mom for Christmas and today made one for my office.  It isn’t rocket science and you could totally figure it out yourself but hey, I gotta blog about something right?

First you start with a cork board – actually you could use a piece of plywood if you want.

I found a cork board on clearance. Lately I’ve been picking them up when I see them cheap because I am finding there are millions of places in my house in I need a memo board. Apparently I have a lot of memos. They also make great gifts.

If you use a cork board, make sure it has a wood frame around it because this is what you will staple into.

These are the supplies you will need:

cork board





powerful stapler

Begin by cutting your batting about an inch to an inch and 1/2 bigger than your board. Wrap the batting tightly and put one staple in the middle of each of the 4 sides.

Then staple all around the board. Make sure to keep pulling the batting tight. You do not want any bunches on the front.

When that is complete, it will look like this:

Repeat those same steps with your fabric.

If you have a smaller cork board you will want to put your staples vertically not horizontally so you won’t run out of places to staple on your cork board frame.  When you come to the corners, wrap them like a present and pull them tight to staple them down in the back.

Next add your ribbon. Most people probably measure these things out to make them perfect. I’m not most people. I just eye things and my eyes are apparently crooked because they never line up. However my memo boards are so full of my many memos you would never notice.

Staple the ribbon to the back of one corner and pull it across diagonally to the bottom corner. It is up to you how many strips of ribbon you want to add.  No matter how tight you pull them they won’t be uber tight. In order to keep your memos from falling on the floor you can sew buttons onto the parts that the ribbon intersect with an X.  That will tighten it up.  I haven’t gotten to that part of this project yet because I am lazy and so far the things I put on are staying put.  Will revisit that if my office floor becomes littered with memos.

The back of your memo board won’t be pretty but that is okay. I can’t imagine people come to your house and pull all of your memo boards down to check out their back sides. That would just be weird.

Here is the final product.  Because it was small it took me no time at all. Not bad for 45 minutes of work!

They mystery of the missing blogger


I have been M.I.A. – not in the “give the bird to the entire US of A during the Superbowl” kind of way, but in the “oh my GOD I have been so busy and I have 100% ignored my blog” kind of way.

My daughter’s school had an Auction on Friday night and I was part of the decorating committee. It took over my life for like 10 days there!  That left me blogless and my house completed projectless.  Very sad.  The good thing that came out of it (other than the CR-AZY money that was raised) is that I won a consultation with an interior decorator at said Auction – so yay!  Someone who knows what the heck they are doing can come in and help me with a few things that I cannot figure out (and probably tell me everything I have done is completely ugly and wrong and horrid).

I will be back to blogging on my house progress very soon but in the meantime take a look at the cute new chairs we got! They are so fun and definitely give some relief to a room that was turning really beige really quickly.

Spray Paint


My neighbor called me the other day to give her spray painting lessons.  She has a beautiful old mirror that came with her house.  There was a space made just for it and being an awkward size she couldn’t go out and buy a new one.  The mirror had seen better days and she wanted to spruce it up because she is putting her house on the market (which I’m mad about by the way, Libby!! Don’t leave us!!).

If you have not made friends with spray paint – do so right now.  It is the easiest and cheapest way to change something dramatically.

A few tips:

1) Shake that spray paint can as long as the directions say so – this is very important so that you do not have weird gloppy things land on your project.  Also, every minute or so make sure to shake again.

2) Hold the can about 10 inches away from your project or you will get drippage. No one wants drippage.

3) Put some greasy lotion on your hands before you begin spraying and you will have a much easier time getting the spray paint off of your digits.

We weren’t lucky enough to inherit beautiful mirrors with the purchase of our home but we did get a super ugly brass fireplace. Yay, us!  Also an awkward size, we couldn’t find something to replace it and also couldn’t afford to have it custom made yet.  So I decided to try spray paint on it. It couldn’t get uglier, right? Worst case scenario we would replace it -which we thought we were going to have to do anyway. So it was worth a shot.

(Note: If you are spray painting something that is around fire make sure you use spray paint appropriate for high heat)

Because I suck, I don’t have a great before photo of the fireplace. This is from when we first moved in – but you can get the idea. I know you have seen an ugly brass fire place in your life  so go through your saved metal images and look at one and then think 40% uglier and you will know what ours looked like.

Here are some afters:

Yes, I know our fireplace is crying serious tears for a mantel. It is on the list.  Unfortunately the list has 9,377 items on it.  One day…

Things that make me happy


I am forever working to be a more organized person.  Things that make me very happy are containers and holders and baskets (oh my!) of all types.  My mom says I have always been like that.  Even as a kid I gravitated toward small holdy type of things.  My daughter is the exact same way. I just hope that when she grows up she is better at actually putting things in those containers than I am.

BUT – I just purchased the key to my paper organization. This is it – people!  Never again will a loose paper not have a home. When the doorbell rings I won’t have to scramble sticking papers behind the refrigerator, under the dog bed or in the dryer!  This is the greatest thing I have ever purchased and will change my life.  And it was only $29.00 from TJ Maxx.

Okay maybe that is a little bit overstated but  “Magazines”, “To Do’s”, “Bills”, and “To be filed” items now have a home – and that makes me giddy with happiness.  I think I need a life.

Organization! Yay!

This jump started my office redo.  Reveal coming soon!